Minecraft-These beautiful and rare colors, you know a few?

First is the rose red, it can be obtained from poppies, red tulips and natural rose bushes, poppies are very common (of course, you can also raise them with bone meal), red tulips and natural rose bushes are to be met by chance, much harder to find, if you need a lot of red dye, then do not forget the rose bushes, like all the flowers two frames high, can be harvested directly with bone meal;

the second dye is yellow, which can be obtained from dandelions or sunflowers, although dandelions can be obtained from any community and can also be grown on grass blocks with bone meal, but the mechanism of sunflowers is different, like all flowers two frames high, it can also be harvested by this method, but they only appear in specific groups of flowers, sunflowers are interesting in that for some mysterious reason, they always face east;

the third dye is blue, in fact its name is lapis lazuli, a special ore, this ore can only be found in mining; the fourth is green, it can be obtained from cactus, cactus can be found in the desert, in the world of Minecraft, it can also be planted, if you want to plant cactus, then you should know that they do not need water, it is necessary to plant in the sand, do not connect or adjacent to other squares, they can grow up to three frames;

The fifth is black, in a way this is not a natural dye, but the squid drop ink sac, ink sac is black, so you can use it, and the squid in any body of water are distributed; the sixth is white, or can be understood as bone powder is white dye, mentioned earlier, which is dropped from the body of the skeleton was killed; the seventh color is brown, you can use brown cocoa beans to get, where to get cocoa beans we also talked about before. The eighth color is orange, from the orange tulips, this flower is relatively rare can only be found in the flower forest species, but there is another way to get orange is to match the red and yellow together; the ninth is pink, from the pink tulips or peony, peony is a two-gram high flower, can also be planted. These two flowers are still difficult to find, and they can only be found in the Forest of Flowers.

The tenth is magenta, which comes from the flowers of garlic or lilac, which is also a two-gram high flower that can be grown, just like the tulips and peonies of the same color, the flowers of garlic and lilacs are also relatively rare, and the best place to make sure you can find them remains the Forest of Flowers, and if you are unlucky not to find them, then it is possible to get four copies using two copies of rose red, one copy of lapis lazuli dye and one copy of bone powder Magenta dye. The eleventh fuel is light blue, which can be obtained directly from orchids, blue orchids usually grow in swamps, or you can use lapis lazuli with bone powder; the twelfth color is light gray, which can be obtained from chrysanthemums, daisies or white tulips, white tulips, like all tulips, can only be found in the Forest of Flowers to ensure that they can be found, chrysanthemums and daisies can be obtained through bone powder, light Another way to make light gray is to mix two parts of bone powder with one part of ink sac (black) to get three parts of light gray, there are still four colors that cannot be obtained directly, but they can all be made from existing dyes. The fifteenth, gray, is made from bone powder and ink sac. The last yellow-green can be made from bone powder and cactus.

Although this list is long, it is definitely useful to collect these dyes. If you want to add beautiful colors to your world in Minecraft, you need these flowery and green dyes, and that's all we know about dyes, but there are more fun things in Minecraft waiting to be discovered.