Minecraft - Want some unique resources? Why not learn about their characteristics first

In the previous Minecraft explanation, we learned how to grow and get some of the daily needs of food and so on, but then, although the introduction of food supply is indeed very important, but there are some super luxury things can also be found and get planted, come on let's see, there are some wonderful things waiting for us!

Minecraft has a variety of small flowers growing on the land that can be collected and then either replanted for aesthetic reasons or used to make dyes that can recolor different types of materials, such as wool, leather armor, hard clay, and glass cubes. You can dye one piece of wool at a time, but it is more efficient to dye directly onto the sheep so that when the wool grows back, they will automatically be colored, and you can also use a pair of scissors to cut the wool directly; the next thing that can be dyed is the leather armor, and like the wool, they can be dyed one piece at a time, but there is no benefit to doing so, even if it is for beauty reasons. The reason is also the same, but then, the latter two pieces can be dyed, in Minecraft's building will be very useful.

Hard clay as well as glass cubes can be dyed in this way, hard clay can be found in the uncommon Pinnacle colony, or you can get it by forging clay blocks, common clay can basically be found in the swamp and dug up as clay blocks that must be re-kneaded into blocks before they can be re-forged; glass is forged from sand, one thing to note is that glass blocks can be made into glass plates, but the glass plates can not be directly colored with dyes, so you need to color the glass blocks first, and then break them down into glass plates. Note that the glass can only be dyed above 1.7, if you find that your glass can not be colored, please update the game in time.

After understanding the use of dyes, the next to tell you what dyes are available, red, yellow, blue, green, black, white, brown, orange, lime green, purple, gray, light blue, pink, yellow-green, magenta, and light gray; perhaps you will find more colors, but these have basically been able to meet the colors we need, all we need to know is that these exist All we need to know is what the basic colors are and how to get them. It is worth mentioning that there is more than one way to get many dyes, but in order to better save resources and time, here is only a part of the way to introduce you, but the vast majority of them are very easy, in addition, we also need to understand the mechanism of bone powder, skeletons will drop bones after being killed, can be regarded as a kind of fertilizer, if you use it to right-click a grass square, the ground will immediately grow a large area of weeds The flowers that can be used for dyeing will occasionally grow, in this case only light gray, red and yellow dye flowers, which is also considered a limitation of the approach, (but this is also based on the terrain, if you are operating in a sea of flowers terrain, then any flower can be generated.) Other flowers can be found in the free growth of the Forest of Flowers or Flower Meadow, there is also a point we need to know is that there are some words that grow in the jungle, accounting for two frames high, if you feed these flowers some bone powder, they will harvest another bush out, in this case, to plant some dyes will be very useful.

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